DeKalb Mayoral Candidates Questions

dekalbnextmayorThe City of DeKalb will have a new mayor in less than three months. There are four candidates on the ballot for DeKalb Mayor in the 2013 Consolidated Election on April 9th, 2013. Democracy is better served when the public has a choice in elections, so those who care about local politics are happy about this development. Now we each have to decide who better represents our views of what is important for the future of DeKalb.

We welcome press releases from the candidates at DeKalb County Online. It helps us know what’s important to them. Over the next few months we will also be asking some questions of the candidates to help our readers decide between them. Below are the first set of questions, offered up by some of our readers. To answer each one of these questions might take the candidates the whole three months.

Let’s try to cut it down to the first five questions or so, readers. From this list, give us your top 5 questions you’d like asked of the DeKalb Mayoral Candidates and feel free to tell us why in the comments. Please refrain from suggesting others if possible at this point. But, if you must thrown in another, please remember, same rule applies here as at the debates, all questions must be applicable to everyone (no question can be directed at any one person running).

  1.  What should be done about the pension gap in the budget?
  2. How are you going to improve the east and south corridors of our city?
  3. Do you support the new housing regulations? Why or why not?
  4. What is your proposal for stopping DeKalb’s population loss?
  5. Will you support retention of the city manager if you are elected? Why or why not?
  6. What should be done to prevent businesses (e.g., Mooney) from moving out of DeKalb?
  7. Are you for or against more TIFs in the city?
  8. Should we change how we use CDBG? If so, how?
  9. What budget cuts do you support to fix the structural budget problem?
  10. Where does you stand on the Megadump issue? The land swap issue? Other local, grassroots efforts?
  11. Do you believe that public employees have the right to collective bargaining?
  12. Do you think that one council has the authority to enter into collective bargaining agreements that extend beyond their term of office? I.E agree to benefit increases then leave it to someone else to find a way to pay for it.
  13. Do you think that one council has the authority to enter into long term debt without voter approval. I E. The present council authorized building a new police station and did not pay one penny for it. The council for the next 19 years has to find the money to pay for it.
  14. Would you consider revoking a city license or permit to a business if it is found to employ undocumented workers?
  15. Do you favor hospital based EMS service or Fire Department based EMS service?
  16. Do you think the NIU is paying its fair share for city services. Does the Fire Contract need to be renegotiated?
  17. Do you consider a city employee to be the city’s biggest asset or biggest expense? Explain.
Gracie Mott

About Gracie Mott

Grace Mott is an NIU alumni. She began her working career as a Juvenile Probation Officer, then was in charge of the teenage runaways through the DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau. She owned and operated a campground in southern DeKalb County from 1990 to 2000. Since then, she does both sales and fulfillment for DeKalb County Online's parent company, eWorldLinx. eWorldLinx also has made and maintains over 100, mostly local, business websites.
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