Feed’em Soup Announces Location of Meals


Group Releases Public Service Announcement to Raise Awareness in DeKalb

It was an emotional evening during the Feed ‘Em Soup Community Project’s First Annual Benefit Dinner at the Regale Center in Sycamore on Friday June 11th 2010. The highlight of the evening was a 15 minute presentation by Feed ‘Em Soup president David Lumpkin. David’s speech introduced the audience to the all volunteer group of 20 young adults that are responsible for the project.  View clip below.

The climax of the presentation was a video clip of Collin Bredesen, a founding member of Feed ‘Em Soup Community Project telling his story of living homeless in Sycamore for a short period of time. Following the clip, David welcomed Collin to the stage to a standing ovation. Collin spoke to a teary eyed crowd about how his struggles have inspired him to be a part of the project and give back to people in the community experiencing those same struggles.

Concluding the presentation was the announcement that Feed ‘Em Soup has secured a location and they will begin providing meals at The First Lutheran Church Of Dekalb later this year.

To raise awareness for the project, the group has also released a 53 second Public Service Announcement. (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=443601205459)

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