A New Effort to Help People Run for Local Office


Have you ever been frustrated by the actions of your city council? Are you not satisfied in the direction your local schools are going in? Have you ever considered running for local office?

Many of the decisions that affect our daily lives are made by local governmental officials.  In many ways, it is just as important to have good local political leaders as it is having good Congressmen.

Right now, all eyes are on the November election and for good reason. However, the next municipal election is schedule for April 2011. Petitions have to be filed for many of these local offices by November 22nd.  It’s unfortunate that in Illinois politics never sleeps but we have to find good candidates for these local offices now.  More importantly, we need to find those good people who would run but are reluctant due to a lack of resources.

The Illinois Local Government project is a resource designed for concerned taxpayers to assist them in running for local office such as city councils, school boards, park boards and township offices.  Many times, concerned taxpayers want to run for office and make a difference but find little help in actually making a campaign happen.

The effort will equip interested candidates providing them key guidance in the petitioning process to get on the ballot, guidance in how to campaign, assistance with messaging and connections to other services providers and potentially donors.

You can find out more and sign up with as at:


If you know someone who you think would make a good local officeholder or wish to run yourself, get in contact so we can help you get in office and bring good government in your home town!

Together we can make a difference!

John C. A. Bambenek


  1. I would say local candidates/officeholders are MORE IMPORTANT than state or federal positions. WHY? Because the state and federal candidates need the support of local officials to have any hope of getting elected. And all politics is local when it comes to the voting booth.

    If the average Joe had any idea of the convoluted system of interconnections and who washes the other guy's hands, well, we might all think again and consider a run for office. At least we'd be asking more hard questions of our elected officials and candidates for office. And if we really cared, or knew how much these interconnections often hurt us at tax time, we'd probably be filing lawsuits or in other ways trying to undo damage caused by career politicians helping each other out.

    It may be necessary to vote out many incumbents, especially in corrupt Illinois. But of course we need some selfless new candidates that are smart enough to figure out how to lead the people, and then willing to step aside at a future election and let another good guy have a shot at it.

  2. I am up for any help, I will be seeking a county board seat in the next election cycle. I have tried and almost ran a campaign by myself, with some loyal supporters, and came up short in my last local election. I finished 2nd out of 5 candidates, but while doing so I learned that my issues were not with the City but with the County and then with all the County has done, the casting of a yes vote on the landfill prompted me to run.

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