Free Movies at the Egyptian


This Sunday, October 3rd, there will be free Movies at the Egyptian Theatre sponsored by the DeKalb Library and The Big Read. At 1pm will be ‘White Fang’ (1991). White Fang is Jack London’s classic adventure story about the friendship developed between a Yukon gold hunter and the mixed dog-wolf he rescues from the hands of a man who mistreats him. At 3pm Jack London’s epic saga of gold fever, romance and adventure ‘The Call of the Wild’ (1972) will be shown.

The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, designed to bring literary reading back to the center of American life. The Big Read is a grant-based program that provides communities with the opportunity and tools to discuss a single book, as well as to enjoy presentations and multi-media events based in that book’s themes. You can read more about The Big Read, see the NEA’s selected list of books, and see what other communities are reading at The Big Read website.

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