World Famous Gaelic Storm at the Egyptian Friday


Irish folk band Gaelic Storm will be at the Egyptian Theatre this Friday, February 18th, starting at 8pm. The band’s popularity skyrocketed when it appeared in James Cameron’s Titanic as the Celtic party band in the ship’s steerage. Unlike so many other bands that were unable to sustain a career after receiving near-blinding initial exposure, Gaelic Storm has amassed a large, loyal and ever-growing following.

The band interlaces high energy, foot-stomping performances of original interpretations of Celtic classics and well-crafted originals with endearing stage banter and story-telling that have earned them life-long fans. Gaelic Storm has released 7 albums, all of which have charted on the Billboard World Music Charts including their most recent album, Cabbage’ (Lost Again Records) which earned the band a #1 hit on both the Billboard and iTunes World Album charts.

The band takes a distinct pride in the fact that its music and performances are a celebration of Irish culture as well as a medium of connection for many of the 36 million Irish-Americans who have at least some Irish blood in them. Yet while Gaelic Storm plays Celtic music that hearkens back to the traditional music of Ireland, they are hardly traditionalists, adding modern sounds and drawing influences from American rock and pop as well as music styles from around the world. This is a band with its feet firmly planted in the present. Since 2007, Gaelic Storm has performed 3 nearly sold-out shows at the Egyptian Theatre; so don’t miss out on the fun! For more information and online ticket ordering, please visit the Egyptian Theatre’s website.

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