The 2011 Indy Horror Film Festival


The Indy Horror Film Festival returned from the dead in 2010 with hopes of swallowing mortals whole and filling their souls with a thirst for blood and horror.  In 2011 they return with more gore for your starving hearts!  The Indy Horror Film Festival screens films from all over the world and brings the best of blood, gore and horror to the Egyptian Theatre’s big screen for you to enjoy.

This festival is about more then movies however.  They also feature the “Art of Horror” display, a “Scream Contest”, special guests, on stage performances and even a late night paranormal investigation of the haunted theatre.

The Indy Horror Film Festival will be at the Egyptian Theatre this Saturday, March 5th, from 10am-10pm. It is the sister festival of the Chicago Horror Film Festival and is produced by Festivals of Fright & Spook Show Entertainment. For more information visit the Indy Horror Film Festival website.


  1. One prominent theory about thrill-seeking says we became “programmed” for it during prehistoric times in response to sudden appearances of hungry saber-toothed tigers and other dangers.

    Nowadays we have an array of tiger substitutes but they break out into 3 main areas: real physical risks (sky diving, mountain climbing), real emotional risks (love, public speaking) and safe experiences that feel like danger to us because of our natural inclinations toward imagination and empathy.

  2. Horror movies are not for everyone. Maybe people enjoy the feeling of the adrenaline rush, like riding roller coasters? I do not understand the point of ‘reality’ TV. Life is too short to waste brain cells wondering what Snooki (or Charlie Sheen, for that matter) is going to do next. It might be like looking at a traffic accident on the interstate, or watching a train wreck, so horrible yet not everybody can look away.

    If I want horror, I can look at my property taxes, the gas pump, or the Nicor bill.

  3. Kay and Nadine-

    Thanks for the laugh! Date movies, eh? I sort of get that (maybe not the BOY grabbing for the girl).

    But somehow I still can’t wrap my head around the concept of spending time/money to open my mind to gore, terror, and fright. I guess I have tolerated some parts of more general entertainment containing moments of fright, but to purposely make or watch movies where the central purpose is to horrify…is, well, horrifying to me.

    I figure I’ve got only so many days on this earth. So I want to spend my hours in ways that uplift. I desire experiences that challenge and move me toward more noble situations. Horror films degrade, destroy, and terrify. Why would anyone CHOOSE to experience such things in their life?

    I’ll continue to watch here and at the DC to see if anyone can provide more solid reasons for this sort of “entertainment”…

  4. I’ll leave the same comment here as I did over at the DC…Can someone tell me how horror films are a help to any person? Or what benefit they are to some aspect of society? I have never been able to figure out what use they are.

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