Rocky Horror Picture Show Tonite


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an outrageous compilation of the most stereo-typed science fiction movies, comics, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, and rock n’ roll in every era. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has now been a cult classic for 36 years, complete with a full fledged fan club, patrons yelling lines, and participating with costumes and props. The energy and enthusiasm in the theatre is catching and anyone who has seen the RHPS even once, knows how to do the “Time Warp”. The show will begin at 8pm tonight, Friday, April 1st at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb.

Things are often brought to engage in the show, however the following items are NOT permitted: lighters, candles/flames, large water guns, toast, hot dogs, or prunes. For more information including purchasing tickets, please visit