Juicy John Pinks Reunion at The House


Schedule Update Below: Reunions bring memories. The Juicy John Pinks reunion at the House Cafe in downtown DeKalb this weekend creates a flood of memories for me.

I played there as a solo act on Open Mics. I got to perform with the Real Rick McDowell on a couple of occasions. It was an honor to play with the amazing B Pape and Marty Phipps.  I once followed poet Eddie Hickock Collins who ripped off his trick shorts, stood there completely nude and announced, “if something stinks in more than three places, check yourself!”

His was a hard act to follow.

Juicy John Pinks was a restaurant and coffeehouse that became a conservatory of folk music where a person could get kicked out of for talking during a performance. It was the birthplace of Duck Soup Food Coop.

There was amazing talent on the stage at Juicy John Pinks. The incomparable DK Kolars, Jim Post, Corky Siegel, Vassar Clements, Dave Williams and Larry Rand come to mind. When it moved downtown and especially when the Electric Battista Band played the rickety old floor would rock up and down creating some doubt that the building would still be standing at closing time.

Good times.

→ Performance Schedule ←

7:30 pm — Andrew Jacob Holm
8:20 pm — Court Dorsey
9:10 pm — Larry Rand
10:10 pm — Mark Cihlar
11:00 pm — Greg Price
11:59 pm — Hoodoo Rhythm Kings

2:00 pm — Andrew Calhoun
2:55 pm — Mick Scott
3:50 pm — John Scott Sherill

5:00 pm — Room setup, etc.
5:30 pm — Lasagna Dinner

7:30 pm — Ron Holm & John Bishoff
8:15 pm — Dave Williams & Mike O’Connell
9:00 pm — Dick Pinney
9:45 pm — Patti Ecker
10:30 pm — Small Potatoes
11:15 pm — Betsy Kaske & Jody (Alis) Gilenke
11:59 pm — Ryan & Cory Petermann

1:00 pm — Bruce “The Humble King” Hirsch
1:50 pm — Dori (Berg) Hepperly
2:40 pm — Keith McMahon
3:30 pm — DK & Friends

Sunday night is up for grabs most folks will probably be heading home, so a pick-up band of the stragglers. Yep, Sunday night will be The Stragglers.


  1. sorry i missed the reunion. my memories are few due to the fact that i was 10-14yrs old in 72-76. i was the paperboy and delivered the daily chronicle. I loved dropping off daily at jjp and duck soup because the few people who were there in the early afternoon those years didnt treat me like a child. the only memory i have other than the few times that i saw someone playin that early was in late summer, i was collecting for the paper and being given a plate of spaghetti, and while eating, i overheard a guy looking for smoke but had no cash, so i told him i knew of a nice patch at huber park near the rr tracks. he was suprised a kid knew about that. i told him i was the youngest of four boys and assured him it was there for the taking. i hooked him up and he said he was greatful.