September, 2011 | County Update


From the office of John J. Acardo, DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget
The Fiscal Year 2012 budget continues to be the hot topic of conversation at the County. The media has reported on the many challenges facing the County Board as they move ever closer to the November deadline for passage. The first step in the process occurred two weeks ago at the Finance Committee meeting where County Administrators presented their recommended budget to the Board. The Board formally ‘adopted’ the recommendations as a starting point to ‘appeal’ the changes, either increases or decreases, in department budgets. The recommended budget has been placed on file in the Clerk’s Office and is available for public consumption online by clicking here.

Property Assessments
Township Assessors are busy this year as it is the year all property in the County gets assessed. The complicated formula to determine your home’s value is a three year average, with all parcels being reviewed every third year. Property assessments are based on several criterions, however you do have an opportunity to appeal the assessment provided. You can review the rules, and download forms to appeal your assessments by clicking here .

Elections Update
It has been about a month for candidates to circulate petitions to have their names placed on the March 20, 2012 Primary ballot. You should have also received your voter registration card in the mail over the past several weeks. This is all part of a federally mandated requirement to ‘purge’ our voter lists every two years. It ensures that we have the correct information on file for all voters and we remove or update the ones that have moved. As we reconcile the returned cards with our database, we plan on having as accurate a listing as we can for the next round of Elections. Exciting things are happening in the Election’s Office!

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