Final Local March Primary Candidates


Today was the final day for Established Party candidates to file their nominating petitions in the various Election Authority offices’ statewide. The DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder’s Office receives nominating petitions for the local offices up for Election, (i.e. County-wide, County Board, and Precinct Committeemen).

The ballot will be made official on January 18, 2012 after the DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder receives the certification list from the State Board of Elections on the candidates up for Election at the State and Federal level, as well as any referendum items on which to be voted.

Parties interested in filings at the State level should visit for a complete listing of those candidates.

The Election season now enters the phase where the public may challenge a petition’s validity. This period ends on Monday, December 12, 2011.

Following is the Final Local March Primary Candidate list.

County Offices

DeKalb County     Circuit Clerk     Maureen A. Josh REP
DeKalb County     State’s Attorney     Clay Campbell REP
DeKalb County     State’s Attorney     Sean P. Smith     REP
DeKalb County     Treasurer/Collector     Mark A. Todd     REP

County Board (2 candidates from each party will be elected for each District)

District 1 Charles E. Foster     REP
District 2 James Hanson     DEM
District 2 John C. Emerson     REP
District 2 Russell A. Deverell     REP
District 3 Kenneth W. Andersen     REP
District 3 Riley N. Oncken     REP
District 3 Mark Pietrowski, Jr. DEM
District 4 Anthony D. Cvek     REP
District 4 Anita Jo Turner     DEM
District 4 Joseph Bassett     DEM
District 5 Derek A. Tyson     DEM
District 5 Philip Young     REP
District 5 Stephen Reid     DEM
District 6 Bob Brown             DEM
District 6 Craig Roman          DEM
District 6 Ruth Anne Tobias     DEM
District 7 Misty Haji-Sheikh     DEM
District 7 Sally DeFauw     DEM
District 8 Julia Fullerton     REP
District 8 Marc Johnson     DEM
District 8 Scott Newport     REP
District 9 Julia Fauci             DEM
District 9 Paul R. Stoddard     DEM
District 9 Samuel-Louis Bandy, Jr.  REP
District 10 James R. MacMurdo     REP
District 10 Jeff J. Whelan     REP
District 11 Daniel G. Cribben     REP
District 11 John Gudmunson     REP
District 11 Suzanne Fahnestock     REP
District 12 Jeffery Metzger     REP
District 12 Jerald Osland     REP
District 12 John Frieders     REP
District 12 Marlene D. Allen     REP

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