Congratulations NIU Class of 2012!


Congratulations to all the new NIU Graduates!
Photo is of 1948 graduates at the East Lagoon
Courtesy of Mary Mott (class of 1948), Clayton Mott (class of 1949) and Grace Mott (class of 1982)

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Gracie Mott
Grace Mott is an NIU alumni. She began her working career as a Juvenile Probation Officer, then was in charge of the teenage runaways through the DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau. She owned and operated a campground in southern DeKalb County from 1990 to 2000. Since then, she does both sales and fulfillment for DeKalb County Online's parent company, eWorldLinx. eWorldLinx also has made and maintains over 100, mostly local, business websites.