Union Pacific Celebrates 150 Years


Just as some are frustrated about the Union Pacific Railroad closing of one of DeKalb’s major intersections for improvements, it might help to hear the following from State Representative Bob Pritchard:

The House extended congratulations to the Union Pacific Railroad last week on their 150th anniversary. The original Union Pacific was formed when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act into law on July 1, 1862.

Union Pacific is the largest railroad in the rail capital of Chicago. They serve 115,000 commuters on a daily basis on the Union Pacific Metra North, Northwest, and West Lines, and operate more trains for Metra than any other carrier in the Chicagoland area.

UP operates Global III Railport in Rochelle and transports millions of tons of freight across the country including 1.3 million containers each year. The company has invested $470 million in capital improvements over the past two years and at last report employed over 4,000 employees in Illinois with a payroll of over $327 million.

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