DeKalb County Democrats Select DeKalb Teacher to Run for Regional Superintendent


Mark Pietrowski Jr., chair of the DeKalb County Democrats, announced that the party has chosen DeKalb High School teacher Amanda Christensen for the Regional Superintendent spot on the November ballot.

Amanda Christensen has been a teacher with DeKalb High School since 2001. Before that she taught a year with the At-risk/Re-start program with Kishwaukee Educational Consortium. Christensen holds a M.S. in Education, Educational Administration and anticipates finishing her Ed.S. in Educational Administration this coming May. In addition to her degrees Christensen has also achieved National Board Certification in English/Language Arts.

“I am very excited.” Christensen said in a statement release by the DeKalb County Democrats. “I believe the regional office should be the ultimate resource for this county’s educators and, in order to do that, we need a strong educational leader in the office.”

Christensen has spent fourteen years focused on teacher quality, educational reform and its ramifications for districts, student achievement, and continuous school and district improvement.

“My view of Regional Superintendent of Schools is not merely the technicalities of renewing certificates and approving school calendars, but also being the leader in the county for issues of educational importance.”

In addition to teaching Christensen has participated in many teams, task forces, and committees that were devoted to teacher evaluation, and professional development. She has also presented at numerous regional and state conferences.

“A strong public education system is vital to our democracy and the Regional Superintendent of Schools can play an important role in offering professional development and resources for our teachers, students, and parents.” Pietrowski said. “I’m confident Amanda will be a strong leader in the role of Regional Superintendent and she will raise the visibility and effectiveness of the office.”

“I have seen Amanda at work in various professional settings. She is an excellent communicator and a natural leader that others respect. I believe she will make an exceptional Regional Superintendent.” said Dan Kenney, also a teacher in the DeKalb District and a member of the Democratic Party search committee. “She will bring energy, professionalism, and strong leadership to the office.”

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