Family Health Center is Changing Lives – One Hypothalamus at a Time


The typical American diet can damage the hypothalamus of the brain, which is the control center for all fat storage in the body. The good news is that resetting the brain to maintain an ideal weight is possible. With hypothalamus rebalancing you can: Lose pounds and inches rapidly – without being hungry; reach your ideal weight and stay there without struggling and finally be able to control your weight and feel better.

The Family Health Center in Sycamore is offering a one evening class on the topic of hypothalamus rebalancing this coming Monday, November 12th at 6:30pm at their store in Sycamore. This program is for anyone who needs to lose body fat, as little as 5 pounds or over 100 pounds. If you’ve struggled struggled with weight for a long time but nothing you’ve done seems to make a difference or if you’ve lost weight in the “wrong places” with saggy skin as a result, then this life-changing event is for you.

Phone 815.895.8151 to reserve your seat. The Family Health Center is located at 1170 DeKalb Ave, Ste. 111 in Sycamore (next to Culvers). Register before Nov. 12 and it is only $49 to attend. Register on Nov. 12, provided they have room, and the cost is $59. Family Health Center can finally give you the tools you need to not only understand why your body handles weight the way it does, but how to manage it successfully for the long term. Achieving optimal health is possible with the resources and premium products available only at Family Health Center.

Beginning Nov. 1, 2012, Family Health Center launched a “Text Alert Service”.  Customers simply text “familyhealth” (one word) to 55469 to receive advanced notice of sales, exclusive discount offers, and upcoming seminar information.  It’s a great way for customers to stay informed — Family Health Center — they are changing lives!

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