Eat by Color Now Available in eBook Formats


rayspantsIf you can Paint by Number you can “Eat by Color” and lose weight! You too can Finally lose weight, and keep it off.  How do I know?  I have gone from over 230 pounds to about 170 pounds and lost 5 pant sizes.  I have also kept the weight off for over ten years!  I have used “Eat by Color” to help hundreds over the last 10 years do the same.   Yeah that is me, and yes I used to fit into pants that size, 36×30! 

“Eat by Color” is finally available in print, Kindle, and NOOK formats. Check out to find out more.

Raymond M. Binkowski
CEO/Master Trainer
Athletic Republic DeKalb

PS: Watch the video about one of our clients who successfully lost 61 lbs, 6 dress sizes AND cut her workout time in half using Eat by Color at the read more link.

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