Municipal Elections Kick Off


election2013Yesterday, December 17th, was the first day turn in nominating petitions for the upcoming municipal election on April 9th, 2013. Candidates have until 5 p.m. December 26th to file nominating petitions. DeKalb County Clerk John Acardo said all of the spring elections would be nonpartisan and there would be no need for a consolidated primary election on February 26th.

Three DeKalb mayoral candidates – DeKalb School District 428 Board member and NIU Media Services staff member Mike Verbic, former Ag/Monsanto employee and District 428 School Board member John Rey, and NIU Center for Governmental Studies Research Associate and former Re:New DeKalb executive director Jennifer Groce all filed their petitions yesterday. Sycamore mayor Ken Mundy also filed his petition to seek his third term as Sycamore’s mayor on Monday.

Alan Bauer and Pete Paulsen submitted petitions to run for re-election as aldermen of Sycamore’s 1st and 2nd Wards, respectively. In DeKalb, Bill Finucane and Dave Baker have submitted petitions for the 2nd and 6th Wards, respectively. DeKalb’s Fourth Ward saw two candidates file nominating petitions; Robert Snow, former assistant to the NIU law college dean and Jim Mitchell, limousine service owner and former District 428 school board member.


  1. Note to all candidates: Local government is a subject of strong interest to DeKalb County Online and our readers. You are most welcome to share your ideas, announcements, commentary and campaign events with us.

    Technology provides several ways for you to share with us.
    1. Send us a link (URL) to your campaign website.
    2. If your website has an RSS feed send us the feed’s link.
    3. Send us a link to your Facebook campaign page (if you have one)
    4. Request login credentials and instructions to post directly to DeKalb County Online.
    5. Send us your press releases via email.
    6. Buy an ad to stand out. (It’s Gracie’s favorite).

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    If you choose Item 6: Make Gracie Happy: Campaign 2013 ads from candidates and their registered committee are accepted. We do not accept advertising from Political Action Committees that attempt to promote or destroy political candidates. Candidates wish to post their “Campaign Signs” on this website should contact Gracie Mott for more information. DeKalb County Online’s “Campaign Signs” are $15 for each week, minimum 2 week purchase. A 13-week campaign receives a $2 per week discount. All ads must be paid in advance. Please indicate a local charity in your community at the time of placement. All (100%) of the proceeds of “Campaign Signs” will be donated to the charities or service groups indicated by the candidates.

    Thanks for stepping up. Do a great job.

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