Groce is “Running” for a Stronger DeKalb


    groceDeKalb mayoral candidate, Jennifer Groce, is planning to run for a stronger DeKalb in more ways than one. With three months till election-day, Groce made a pledge to run every day starting today, January 9, 2013 through April 9, 2013, to emphasize her commitment to creating a stronger DeKalb.

    “I am committed to working as hard as I can every day to move our community forward. This running challenge is fun way to get myself stronger and show my dedication to DeKalb,” said Groce.

    Groce, who is the current president of the Northern Illinois Trail Runners (NITRO), announced her goal to run daily for the next ninety days to club members. “At the start of each year many of us announce our running goals to one another to provide accountability and support. As a result of two significant injuries last year, I was hardly able to run in 2012. I am basically starting over so this will be a challenge, but one I am up for,” said Groce. Groce ran her first run was with NITRO at their 5a.m. group run today.

    Groce will run at least three miles every day for the next ninety days totaling over three hundred miles in three months. She anticipates having the company of fellow NITRO runners, friends and family members on many of her daily runs. “I plan to run outdoors as much as I can, but will hit the treadmills from time to time so I can run with my kids accommodate my schedule or run with friends who are not as found of the winter elements as I am,” said Groce.

    Groce advised the www.Groce for website will be live as of January 16, where community members will be able to follow this story along and find out more about her plans to lead DeKalb forward as mayor. Anyone interested in running with Groce wanting to find out more about her vision for DeKalb is invited to email her at, check the website or follow along on Facebook and Twitter @grocefordekalb.


    1. On the other hand, the forum could generate a tremendous amount of traffic, so you might want to keep it on your site. Anyway, if it were me I would probably contact the Daily Chronicle and Dekalb City Hall to at least get their opinion.

      And sorry for the piecemeal posting, you don’t mind if I use your site as a notepad, do you? 😀

    2. Mac, it would be best to have the forum or site independant from your site here, to avoid having the Daily Chronicle or some other entity from crying foul and being tempted to start their own “candidates Q&A forum”.

    3. Good stuff Lynn and Pevo.

      The questions raised here all seem to be pertinent issues, but I would look towards asking more specific questions if possible. A generalized question might lead to a generalized answer – i.e. “It all depends on the situation”.

      The most important of these questions should eventually be put in contract form as I have discussed previously, so the wording would need to be very specific and objective. So for example, instead of asking the question “Do you support the housing regulations?”, we should ask a more specific question like, “Do you support having rental property owners pay for the inspections of both rental properties and owner-occupied properties?”, or “Do you support internal inspections of rental properties without probable cause or a search warrant?”

      The Q&A forum of choice for the candidates should allow them to edit or change their answers over a period of time, so a login with username and password would be required. I think now is a good time to start a discussion on what specific questions should be asked, and then invite the candidates to give their answers.

      We are definitely tredding on new territory here for the election process, and I look forward to the outcome. As Kerry M. would say, “Accountability … we all need it.”

    4. I would like to see all of the candidates answer some very pointed questions. Maybe DeKalb County Online could start a post asking them all to respond. I have a few I would add to Lynn’s list

      Do you believe that public employees have the right to collective bargaining?

      Do you think that one council has the authority to enter into collective bargaining agreements that extend beyond their term of office? I.E agree to benefit increases then leave it to someone else to find a way to pay for it.

      Do you think that one council has the authority to enter into long term debt without voter approval. I E. The present council authorized building a new police station and did not pay one penny for it. The council for the next 19 years has to find the money to pay for it.

      Would you consider revoking a city license or permit to a business if it is found to employ undocumented workers?

      Do you favor hospital based EMS service or Fire Department based EMS service?

      Do you think the NIU is paying its fair share for city services. Does the Fire Contract need to be renegotiated?

      Do you consider a city employee to be the city’s biggest asset or biggest expense? Explain!!

      I would have many more

      • Nice, most people I know in this God forsaken town do not have the LUXURY of being able to run for three miles every day. Is she that out of touch? Most people I know have more than one job or host parties hawking products to friends to make some extra money beyond their jobs.

        At least Mitt was megawealthy and had some sort of excuse to lose touch with reality. There is no way NIU pays this one enough to be this out of touch with residents. By the way, how long has this candidate lived in DeKalb?

        One last thing, anyone voting for her better expect a big dose of selfishness. This quote is very loaded, “This running challenge is fun way to get myself stronger and show my dedication to DeKalb.” There is nothing in there for voters. It is all for her, in both parts of that sentence.

    5. Ms Groce would be the worst of all four who are running. In case you missed it… Ms Groce was an embarrassment to our community at the DeKalb Township meeting last spring when she stood up and whined like a little baby. Ms Groce sought to suppress the public’s right to vote on three potential referenda that were before the township electors. She is an absolute embarrassment to our community. Ms Groce is a relative newcomer to the city of DeKalb. Publicly available voter registration records show Ms Groce first registered to vote in DeKalb county in 1998 (a relative newcomer to our community). How can she possible understand all the nuances of DeKalb politics and the history of our community? She also failed to vote in the November 2010 election (based on voter records). So, now she wants us to vote for her?

      • We all have our opinions but why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Jennifer? You always beat around the bush with such diplomacy that we are often left wondering where you stand.

        We disagree on the Township meeting. She’s a DeKalb Township Elector just as you and I. She came to the meeting that many did not just like you and I. She gave her opinions and arguments just like you and I. The side she argued for came to the democracy dance in greater numbers than the side you and I argued for. I don’t see anything to be embarrassed about that. Just like you and I she is one of the Few Who Show Up And Stood To Be Counted in local affairs compared to the Many Who Will Let Them.

        I thought that Township meeting was a positive step even though the opposition prevailed.

        • I don’t have a problem with Ms Groce showing up to the meeting. The problem I have with Ms Groce is her stance on the issue of. PRO VOTER SUPRESSION. If she is elected Mayor, we can see more of these tactics of silencing the voters. We have enough of these tactics with suppression of those who come to speak at council meetings now with Ms Groce’s friend Kris Povlsen, we don’t need four more years of this

    6. I looked for a “satire” or “snark” tag, and couldn’t believe it. This post is like entering the Twilight Zone.

      — What should be done about the pension gap in the budget?
      — How is she going to improve the east and south corridors of our city?
      — Does she support the new housing regulations? Why or why not?
      — What is her proposal for stopping DeKalb’s population loss?
      — Will she support retention of the city manager if she is elected? Why or why not?
      — Why should we envision her as mayor of DeKalb, and not just mayor of downtown/ReNew?
      — What should be done to prevent businesses (e.g., Mooney) moving out of DeKalb?
      — Is she for or against more TIFs in the city? Is she for or against closing current TIFs?
      — Should we change how we use CDBG? If so, how?
      — What budget cuts does she support to fix the structural budget problem?
      — Where does she stand on the Megadump issue? The land swap issue? Other local, grassroots efforts?

      I am not interested in Groce’s gimmicks. Where are the serious candidates for mayor?