Downtown Summit / Business Afterhours


renewdekalbWhat do you value most about downtown?
How do you envision downtown five years from now?
How can you continue to support downtown’s vitality?

Whether you are a resident, a business owner, a member of the NIU community, a public official, or any combination of these, downtown DeKalb has no doubt left an impression on you. Re:New DeKalb and the City of DeKalb are updating the successful 2007 Downtown Revitalization Plan and would like to invite you to leave your impression on the future of downtown DeKalb during a focused, highly interactive, facilitated workshop from 2-5pm this Tuesday, February 12, at Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant, 212 E. Lincoln Highway in downtown DeKalb. The DeKalb Area Chamber of Commerce will host “Business Afterhours” at the same location from 5-7pm immediately following the workshop.

At the workshop, you’ll be engaged in activities directed at revealing the community’s priorities as related to the vision of restoring downtown as the centerpiece of the community. At this meeting, we will explore issues such as business development and support, continuing physical and aesthetic improvements to corridors, public spaces, and buildings, event programming and promotion, enhancing physical, psychological, and strategic connections between key community destination, institutions, and stakeholders and much, much more. Through participation, you’ll send a message that you believe downtown is everyone’s business, and working together, we can keep this business thriving.

The evening will be co-hosted by Eduardo’s, the DeKalb Chamber, Re:New DeKalb and the City of DeKalb and will be facilitated by consulting planning professionals with SAA design Group, Inc.

We thank you for your continued dedication to downtown DeKalb and look forward to seeing you on the 12th. Please contact Lindsey Engelsman with any questions. 815-748-7788

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