Inbodens Wins Awards For Meat Products


meatcounterinbodensIn February, Inboden Meats received multiple Grand Champion awards at the Illinois Association of Meat Producers and Indiana Meat Packers and Processors Association 2013 annual convention. The convention is held in association with the University of Illinois Meat Science lab in Champaign, Illinois.

During the convention, there is a product show competition where industry professionals, including meat science doctorates from Illinois and Indiana judged the product in the show. Among the judges were Dr. Floyd McKeith, University of Illinois Meat Science; Dr. Brian Richert, Purdue Professor of Animal Science; Dr. Jolena Waddell, Purdue University Director of Meat Science and Dr. Justin Rickard, Illinois State University Professor of Animal Science.

The competition, compromised of over 330 entries in 21 classes, uses a highly criticized grading system picked apart from the judging staff based on a scoring system starting at 1000 points. Deductions are taken based on flavor, texture, aroma, defects, and uniformity of color, shape and consumer appeal and uniqueness.

Inbodens Meat LTD took top honors in the following categories: Grand Champion – Italian Sausage – Fresh Sausage; Grand Champion – Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Burger – variety class; and Reserve Grand Champion – Bratwurst.  Inbodens also competed for the Illinois Association of Pork Producers coveted 2013 Pork Innovation Award. With there only being two winning spots in this category, Inbodens took them both. Inbodens received the Grand Champion Award for their Herbed Pork Patty and also took second place honors for their Pork Chop Trio. Inbodens was awarded monetarily for the first place prize.

Inbodens Meats took part in the three-day educational seminar with Tom Inboden presenting his knowledge of corned beef (Adding Value Seminar) at the pre-convention workshop held at the University of Illinois Meat Science Laboratory. Tom Inboden has served as a President of the Illinois Association of Meat Processors. The convention was held at the Hilton Garden  in Champaign, Illinois on February 21-23, 2013. The three-day meeting consisted of educational seminars, annual meetings and pre-convention workshops. The convention showcases the latest equipment and services to the meat industry trade association.



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