Liz Cliffe Peerboom is asking for your Write In vote


lizpeerboomsignIf you were in charge of hiring an employee for a very important position in your office, would you hire the least qualified candidate? Or would you hire the one that has the certifications and education that makes the candidate the best for the position?

As residents of the City of DeKalb, you will be charged with electing (hiring) a new City Clerk on April 9, 2013. The office of City Clerk is the oldest among public servants, and provides the professional link between the citizens, the local governing bodies and agencies of government at other levels.

It is important to elect the right candidate. I am that candidate. I am the only City Clerk candidate that is a Certified Municipal Clerk, a certification that takes about 4 years to obtain. I worked for the City of DeKalb for 19 years, so I know municipal government. I have been the Clerk in Maple Park for almost 2 years. In 2011, I was named “Rookie of the Year” by the Municipal Clerks of Illinois, because of my dedication to municipal government.

I was born and raised in DeKalb, went to DeKalb schools, and I have lived in DeKalb for almost all of my 51 years on earth. I’ve been married for 32 years and I have 2 grown children. I am an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary Post #66. You can find out more about me on my website –

I would like to be YOUR City Clerk. I believe in DeKalb, respect the residents and care about the community that we share.

On April 9th, WRITE-IN Liz Cliffe Peerboom for DeKalb City Clerk!

Write-in Candidate for DeKalb City Clerk


  1. Liz Peerboom would be an asset to the City of DeKalb. Liz is a highly motivated and conscientious employee. Liz’s municipal clerk skill set would be beneficial to the City of DeKalb officials.
    Liz is an administratively skilled and organized a person who does her homework to insure that she clearly understands the requirements of State statues. Liz desires to contribute these skills to the City of DeKalb; it is not a matter of politics for Liz.
    I am confident that since this is a City of DeKalb administrative role that Liz can serve in this capacity and continue to be the Clerk in the Village of Maple Park. It is not conflict of interest, since the role of “Clerk” is not a legislative decision making role.
    Maple Park has benefited from Liz’s knowledge. I hope DeKalb residents understand the role that Liz is hoping to fill and they vote for her.
    Kathy Curtis – Village of Maple Park

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