‘The Robin Hood Capers’ starts this Friday


robinhoodcaperStarting out as light comedy, The Robin Hood Caper rises to the pitch of irresistible farce. Four senior citizens meet semi-annually to report to each other on their works within their private club “Charities Anonymous”. Their meeting this season is in the home of Flora Langley’s nephew, a small town newspaper man. It turns out that the nephew, Richard, is about to lose his newspaper because of an article he wrote exposing the town’s grafting mayor.

The old people, of course, have to get involved in the battle to save both the newspaper and the romance between Richard and his fiancée, Jessica. In the end, the secrets are revealed, love triumphs, and the real baddies get their proper comeuppance.

Come see The Robin Hood Capers at the Stage Coach Theatre, this weekend or next. The play runs Thursday thru Saturday, May 2-4 and Thursday thru Sunday, May 9th thru May 12th. For more information visit their website.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
May 2
7:30 pm
May 3
7:30 pm
May 4
7:30 pm
May 9
7:30 pm
May 10
7:30 pm
May 11
7:30 pm
May 12
2:00 pm

At the Stage Coach Players Theater

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