Kish Hospital Honors Teenage Volunteers


At Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary’s Annual Meeting on May 25, 2013, volunteers in the TAGS (Teen Age Group Service) program were honored.  Sally Brotcke, TAGS coordinator presented the awards.

tagsatkishThree individuals received the TAGS of the Year Award. The winners, each a fourth-year TAGS volunteer, are Kerry Campagna, who will be pursuing her paramedic degree at Wake Technical College in North Carolina and eventually wants to be a firefighter; Brigid Crawford, who will be attending Illinois Wesleyan as a French major; and Theresa Nguyen, who will be attending the University of Missouri-Columbia as a Journalism major.

Brotcke said, “This is the first time we have awarded three TAGS of the Year. Each one of these TAGS has proven to be exemplary.  From the first year of their volunteering, there was something very special about all three of these girls. They met working on the same Sunday morning shift and continued to work together for all four years as TAGS.” She continued, “Kerry, Brigid, and Theresa can all be described as dependable, compassionate, and loyal. Each one of them has their own special talents, but together, they are unstoppable. They have all worked special events, assisted with desk trainings, helped lead panel discussions, and instructed in unit trainings. All three of them have always been ready and willing to help out with extra duties beyond their regular shifts. There is no doubt that they will succeed at whatever goals they choose, just because of their absolute commitment and determination in accomplishing a job.”

winstonsimpsonWinston Simpson, a second-year TAGS volunteer from Indian Creek High School, received the Above and Beyond Award. During the two years, he accumulated almost 400 hours of volunteer time.  Brotcke said, “Above and Beyond is really an understatement when it comes to Winston.  Winston has worked not only during his regular shift, but also for special events, for the Accounting Department, for the Business Department, and has volunteered on almost every holiday for the past two years. His work is done skillfully, efficiently, and always accompanied with a smile. Winston is an outstanding TAGS volunteer who is very deserving of his Above and Beyond Award.

Three TAGS volunteers were recognized with the Top Hours Award: Matthew Browder, Indian Creek High School, who served 87 hours; Abby Pahnke, Genoa-Kingston High School, who served 94 hours, and Winston Simpson, Indian Creek High School, who served 266 hours.

Fifteen students graduated this year, therefore completing their service as a TAGS volunteer. “Each of the 15 graduating seniors was presented with a book entitled Friends, which was quite fitting since so many of them have become such good friends,” said Brotcke. Graduating seniors recognized were: Kerry Campagna, DeKalb High School; Dani Clark, Hiawatha High School; Brigid Crawford, Sycamore High School; Will Freriks, Hinckley-Big Rock High School; Katie Gahlbeck, Genoa-Kingston High School; Jacob Maas, DeKalb High School; Roxana Moraga, DeKalb High School; Anita Ness, Cornerstone Christian School; Theresa Nguyen, DeKalb High School; Zhourui Ni, DeKalb High School; Ariel Russell, Indian Creek High School; Hilliary Schraufnagel, Sycamore High School; Andrea Shoger, Genoa Kingston High School; Hannah Walter, DeKalb High School; and Ellen Witte, Indian Creek High School.

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