Center for Sight & Hearing Coming to DeKalb Area


centersighthearingThe Center for Sight & Hearing has served northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin since 1962 helping individuals with a vision and/or hearing loss to live more independent lives. Offering services and solutions for all levels of impairment, the Center strives to be a resource for persons and families living with these two most prevalent and least recognized disabilities in our community.

Even if you cannot see them, the Center for Sight & Hearing is in our community.  If you or someone you know has a vision loss and can’t drive long distances to see the eye doctor, where do you turn?  If family or friends are not available, the next best thing is for the doctor to come to you.  This is true, in part, with low vision optometrist, Dr. Jon Russell, at the Center for Sight & Hearing.  The Center has been serving the Rockford area for about 50 years, but transportation is a definite obstacle to vision care when someone does not live in the area.

To address this issue, they are reaching out to those in need.   As a not-for-profit organization, the Center has been given space pro bono at three locations to offer low vision care to communities that need the service but have to travel that long distance.   Dr. John Michael of the Illinois Retina Institute has allowed the Center to use space at 820 East Terra Cotta, Suite 247 in Crystal Lake for the past 5 years.  This helps individuals that live in McHenry and Kane County.   The KSB Hospital has donated space at KSB Optometry, 511 Palmyra St., Dixon to help those living in Lee, Ogle, Carroll and Whiteside Counties.

Starting July 1st, Hauser-Ross Eye Institute in Sycamore has offered space every Monday to help bring low vision care to DeKalb County.  Many individuals would not have received the care they needed if not for the generosity of these partners in sight. Visit the Center for Sight & Hearing’s website now to learn more how they can help.


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