Beth Fowler Dance Company Announces the 2013 Cast of “The Nutcracker Ballet”


nutcracker2012Beth Fowler Dance Company announces the cast of the 20TH ANNIVERSARY Performance of “The Nutcracker Ballet”

DEC. 6th, 7th and 8th  @ the Historic Egyptian Theater in DeKalb, IL


DEC. 14th  & 15th @ the St Charles North High School in St Charles, IL

Tickets will be available at the Egyptian Theater box office at and here for the St Charles North High School performances. Please visit Beth Fowler School of Dance online.

Congratulations to all!

Nutcracker Cast 2013
Clara- MaryRose Fair                                         Understudy- Anna Raimondi
Fritz- Ben Fowler
Clara’s Parents- Linda & Jeff Sietsema
Clara’s Aunts- Johanna Erbe , Candy Jackman, TBD
Clara’s Uncles- Larry Pool, Wade Tischhauser, Ryan Jordan, Rasmus Hage
Drosselmeyer- Philip Masterton
Governess- Kaitlyn O’Grady
Maid- Anneliese Ayers
Christmas Fairy- Rachel Olson (I,III) Haly Young (II,IV,V)
Jester Doll- Anna Nolazco                                                Understudy- Hannah Whitten
Ballerina Doll- Sierra Sietsema                                        Understudy- Lindsey Haugen
Russian Doll- Jenna Soldati                                             Understudy- Natalie Erickson
Tumbling Clowns- Kylie Ryder & Caitlin Callahan (I,II,III)
Gabby Boone & Hannah Whitten (IV,V)

Clown Helpers- TBD
Rat King- Kelly Bolander
Snow Queen- Haly Young (I,III) Rachel Olson (II,IV,V)
Snow King- Wade Tischhauser(I,III) Larry Pool (II,IV,V)
Snowflake Demis- Kelly Bolander & Rachael Kollins
Snowflake Corps- Brooke Fowler, Sierra Sietsema, Hannah Whitten, Jenna Soldati,
Kaitlyn O’Grady, Johannah Erbe Understudy: Lindsey Haugen
Angel Soloist- Hannah Whitten (I,III) Lindsey Haugen (II,IV,V)
Spanish Couples- Rachel Olson & Larry Pool, Haly Young & Ryan Jordan, Hannah
Whitten & Wade Tischhauser, Anna Nolazco & Sam Gardner
Spanish Soloist- Brooke Fowler                                      Understudy- Kelly Bolander
Arabian Couple- Beth Fowler & Larry Pool                   Understudy- Hannah Smith
Arabian Dancers- Stephanie Routson, Alyssa Meier, Carly Ruggeri, Sonia Gaytan
Understudy- Alyssa Retuerto
Russian Dancers- Jenna Soldati, Natalie Erickson, Rachel Olson, Haly Young
Understudy- Elle Holden
Chinese Soloist- Anna Raimondi (I,III) Johanna Erbe (II,IV,V)
Candy Cane Queen- Kaitlyn O’Grady (I,III) Carly Ruggeri (II,IV,V)
Mother Ginger- Kelly Bolander
Rose Queen- Hannah Smith                                          Understudy- Kelly Bolander
Waltz Couples- Rachel Olson & Larry Pool, Haly Young & Ryan Jordan, Brooke Fowler &
Sam Gardner, Kaitlyn O’Grady & Wade Tischhauser
Waltz of the Flowers-
I/III- Jenna Soldati, Sierra Sietsema, Natalie Ericksen, Anna Raimondi, Anneliese Ayers, Ellee Holden, Hannah Whitten, Carson Cuevas, Sonya Gaytan, Stephanie Routson      II/IV/V- Jenna Soldati, Sierra Sietsema, Natalie Ericksen, Lindsey Haugen, Johanna Erbe, Taylor Donzelli, Carly Ruggeri, Alexa Orlando, Alyssa Meier, Anna Nolazco                 Understudy-Alyssa Retuerto

Sugar Plum Fairy- Rachael Kollins                            Understudy- Hannah Smith
Nutcracker Prince/Caviliar- Micah Moch (I,II,III) Ariel Cisneros(IV,V)
Cousins en pointe-
I/III- Kyra Jencks, Torrie Newport, Alyssa Retuerto, Taryn Sarto, Carson Cuevas, Natalie Erickson
II/IV/V- Josie Paul, Taylor Donzelli, Lindsey Haugen, Justine McCormack, Carly Ruggeri, Alexa Orlando

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