Your ONE Must do Thing for 2014!


eatbycolorThe first of a new year is upon us and with it a clean slate.  So what are you going to do with it?  No matter what you want from 2014, you are not going to get it if you do not set a goal.  Your ONE Must do thing for 2014 is to set a goal!  Then develop a plan.  This applies to all areas of your life.  No goal, and you are a ship lost a sea.

Given the time of year I thought I would share Chapter 6 from “Eat by Color” as it is appropriate.

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Your First Step to Losing Weight.

How much Fat do you want to Lose and When?

The first step to success with Eat by Color! is setting a goal. In health and fitness, fat loss and weight gain goals are essential. This is not different from any other area of your life. To be successful you have to have a clear vision of what it is you want. Whether in business, family or traveling you must know exactly what it is you want or where you intend to go. In the case of traveling, if you are on the East Coast and want to go to California, simply heading west is not going to get you there.

The same can be said for losing fat and improving health. Simply stating that you want to “lose weight” or “get more toned” will not get the job done. You have to clearly define what “lose weight” or “get more toned” means. This is a very individual thing. What one person may consider success in losing weight or becoming toned another may not.

Determine exactly what it is you want. Write the goal down and tell everyone. Statistics and history demonstrate those who set goals and write them down are most successful in attaining them. Certainly there is one area of your life where you have been successful. In this case it is probable that there was a clearly defined goal, win the little league championship, be promoted, graduate from high school, etc. At some point this goal was written down and people were informed of your intentions. Draw from this experience!

Telling others is extremely important as well. It is often very easy to break promises that have been made to oneself.  Procrastination allows us to put things off and just do it later. However, when that promise is made to others it is much more difficult to stop short. Whether it is fear of ridicule from others for not following through or the sense of letting others down, the bottom line is promises and commitments are much harder to break when made to others. This very fact is often the reason that people are so successful at achieving their goals when working with a personal trainer. Commitments have been made to the trainer, financially and other wise and these commitments serve as an obligation that is often hard to break. The result is attainment of your goal.

Everyone has success in some areas of their life. These successes can serve as a tool in health and fat loss as well. Maybe you are the president of an organization, the best bowler in your league, or you have the cleanest car in town. The bottom line is you are successful at or in something. You weren’t born any of those things.  You consistently worked at it. Fat loss is no different.

Today we have the ability to shape our lives and most definitely our bodies. If we can influence others to elect us to a position in an organization, control a ball rolling down a bowling alley or keep the car extremely clean regardless of the weather or kids, we can certainly choose the direction of our body.  Your body is the one thing that you can really control.

Certainly achievement in other areas of life did not come easy. Nothing does. But at some point you kept getting back up and trying again regardless of the stumbling blocks. Most importantly you probably believed that you could do it. Being healthy and losing weight is no different. It is not always going to be easy. Many self help and improvement books recommend finding a mentor, some one already successful at what you want to do and model them. Who better to model than you? Take the area you are already successful in? What did you do to become successful and how can you do those same things to be successful in losing fat?

Successful people share a common trait. They believe in what they are doing and keep trying. Life throws a curve ball and maybe they strike out. But you can bet they are back up at the plate the next inning to take another swing. Successful people are not necessarily born to be good at whatever it is they do.  Weight loss and health are no different. There are going to be setbacks.

You control you!!

You are no more born to be a great bowler than you are to be fat, skinny or unhealthy. Recognize and have the courage to keep getting back up. As long as you keep trying you will succeed.


Fat loss and long term health improvements begin with a goal and a plan.

Being successful in losing fat is no different than being successful in other areas of your life.

Model your own behavior in other areas of your life where you have been successful.

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