A simple, long term approach to Health, Wellness and Weightloss

eatbycolorjanprogramRay Binkowski, owner of Fitworkz in DeKalb, and author of “Eat by Color” is doing an “Eat by Color” presentation this Thursday, January 23rd at 5:30 in the auditorium at DeKalb High School,  courtesy of The Barb Boosters.  He will also be signing and selling copies of “Eat by Color” before and after the event.  The event is free to the community and perfect for anyone wanting to make a permanent change in their life.
Come learn a simple, long term approach to health, wellness and weight loss. The seminar is a living walk through of the book “Eat by Color” as well as author, Ray Binkowski’s personal struggle with weight loss and eventual victory over the same.Attendees will learn
  • 10 Tips to eat successfully without dieting
  • EASY-Quick, Portable, on the Go Meals
  • Things to Avoid or Eat Sparingly
  • Sample Meal Plan with “Eat by Color” Instructions to create your own!
  • Guide to Eating at Your Favorite Restaurant, Even Fast Food!
  • Grocery List
  • Secret to Eating what you Want and Staying on Track
  • Reading and Understanding Nutrition labels
  • Secrets to developing a life long balanced approach to nutrition
  • and MORE!

Mr. Binkowski has delivered “Eat by Color” seminars for big and small manufacturing companies, 3M,  fire departments, police departments, the United States Navy (at Great Lakes Naval Base and in the field with reservists), travel sports organizations, colleges, universities and more. “Eat by Color” is finally available in print, Kindle, and NOOK formats.  Check out EatbyColor.com to find out more.

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