Podcast on How to Start Losing Weight Now with Eat by Color and NO Cardio

Kathy Hart and Ray Binkowski
Kathy Hart and Ray Binkowski
Kathy Hart and Ray Binkowski

Fitworkz owner, Ray Binkowski recently spent some time with Kathy Hart from the morning show “Eric and Kathy” on The MIX in Chicago and also “Healthy with Hart.”

Kathy and Ray discussed “Eat by Color” and recorded it as a podcast.  If you are ready to make a change and want a simple long term approach to life long health, wellness, and weight loss check out the Podcast and “Eat by Color!”  For a limited time you can get the Kindle version of “Eat by Color” free with the print book!

As Ray was finishing this blog post he met with a young lady that just has lost 11 pounds….in only a month and it was over the holiday season!  She did it with “Eat by Color.”  How much can you lose?

Things you will learn in the Podcast:

  • How to Finally GET STARTED!
  • What is “Eat by Color”, hint: it has nothing to do with the color of food
  • How to recognize approaches that REALLY work
  • Why you Don’t need Cardio to lose fat
  • Supplements, are they snake oil or the holy grail

If you are ready for a simple way to change your life this may be just what you need to get started.

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