Details of Officer Involved Shooting Released


dekalbpolicelogo2The following narrative describes the events of January 28th, 2014 when Charlotte and Carl Lupton were attacked by Cameron Lupton (their step son and son respectively). Though they are recuperating from their injuries and survived the attack, they and their family have experienced a tragedy that is incomprehensible.

At approximately 11:48 am on January 28th, 2014 DeKalb Police were dispatched to a check for wellbeing request at a residence on High Pointe Drive on the city’s south side.  The complainant, later identified as Charlotte Lupton, had requested the check for wellbeing on her step son, Cameron D. Lupton, who was reportedly suffering from a psychological breakdown and attempting to obtain firearms from a family member residing at the High Pointe Drive address. Upon arriving at the scene, officers attempted to locate Cameron Lupton to check his wellbeing and meet with his father, Carl Lupton, who had also gone to the residence to assist his son. While attempting to establish contact with Cameron Lupton, officers received updated information that there was an altercation at the Lupton residence located at 1020 Quail Run, where the complainant, Charlotte Lupton, was located.

Officers immediately responded to the parent’s residence (1020 Quail Run), being advised by telecommunicators that Cameron Lupton was attacking his step mother (Charlotte Lupton) and his father (Carl Lupton) and that there was a knife involved. The investigation revealed that the initial attack began when Cameron Lupton returned to the family home with his father. Cameron Lupton went directly to the back bedroom and immediately began striking his step mother several times about her face with his fists. Carl Lupton intervened stopping the attack by pulling Cameron Lupton out of the bedroom, at which time Carl and Charlotte Lupton attempted to barricade themselves in the bedroom to prevent a subsequent attack. When Cameron Lupton disengaged from the initial, unprovoked attack he obtained two knives from the kitchen and returned to the back bedroom to further the attack on his parents.

Upon arriving at 1020 Quail Run, two DeKalb Police officers and a Northern Illinois University Police officer made the initial entry into the residence, moving toward the sounds of the disturbance inside.  DeKalb Police officers encountered Cameron in the back bedroom, where his parents had barricaded themselves. The investigation determined that Cameron Lupton had kicked the door down and was actively engaged in attacking his parents using the knives, stabbing both his step mother and father several times. DeKalb Police officers attempted to stop the attack, however Cameron Lupton failed to respond to any verbal commands by the police or from pleas by the victims to stop. During the encounter with Cameron Lupton, DeKalb Police Officer Mario Nonnenmann deployed a Taser attempting to terminate the attack which had no effect, subsequently DeKalb Police Sergeant Thomas Petit discharged his duty weapon one time striking Cameron Lupton in the upper chest/neck area which ended the his attack on the victims.

Police immediately requested medical assistance and administered first aid to the victims. The DeKalb Fire/Rescue and NIU Police Paramedic units also responded to the residence where Carl Lupton (57) and his wife Charlotte Lupton (67) were provided emergency medical treatment at the scene and were immediately transported to Kishwaukee Community Hospital.  The offender, Cameron D. Lupton (28) of Malta, IL, was deceased at the scene.  The scene was secured and an investigation commenced with the Illinois State Police in conjunction with the DeKalb Police, NIU Police, DeKalb County Sheriffs’ Office, the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office and the DeKalb County Coroner’s Office.

The independent investigation by the Illinois State Police in regard to the use of deadly force, the review of their findings by the DeKalb County State’s Attorney Richard Schmack, and my review of the overall investigation has resulted in my decision to return the police officers involved in this deadly force situation to duty. The duration of this near fatal attack was approximately three and a half minutes and once officers located the offender attacking his parents, less than twenty seconds later the life threatening attack ended and the effort to save the lives of the victims was underway. The public safety personnel from all disciplines involved in this tragic situation acted in a competent, compassionate, and heroic manner. The members of the DeKalb Police Department have provided our support to the victims and their family as they attempt to process this horrific event and move forward.

The Lupton family has provided the following statement, “The family wishes to thank the law enforcement agencies, the health care responders, and the community for their support and understanding at this difficult time.”



  1. Prayers go out to all the family suffering from this tragedy!
    Cameron obviously made the decision to stop taking his medication. Unfortunately he went to a place in his mind that many of us do not understand.
    I pray his father and step mother come to accept their fate as not their burden to carry. They were trying to help Cameron. And the police officers I believe were justified after there was no reaction to the lazer.
    A very sad unfortunate loss of a young life.

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