Chicago Tribune Endorses Bruce Rauner

    Bruce Rauner

    The Chicago Tribune endorsed Bruce Rauner for governor this week. An excerpt of their endorsement is below. Click the link to read the entire endorsement:,0,4538632.story

    “Illinois is in desperate need of a change agent. Disrupting the risk-averse status quo won’t be simple or pretty. But voters simply can’t expect members of the entrenched political class to make state government spend fewer taxpayer dollars, or to reverse this state’s miserable prospects for job growth.

    With hope that independence and urgency will achieve what collegiality and timidity profoundly have not, the Tribune Editorial Board today endorses businessman Bruce Rauner as the Republican candidate who is best equipped to be governor of Illinois. We urge voters to nominate him in the March 18 Illinois primary election.

    Rauner isn’t campaigning to be elected Most Popular Pol, or Warmest Neighbor, or State Teddy Bear. During Wednesday’s candidate debate sponsored by the Tribune and WGN-TV, he repeatedly pledged to be a disciplined governor who would ‘focus like a laser’ on Illinois’ economic crises and ‘not get distracted’ by other people’s issues. His blunt and ubiquitous ads evoke a simple theme: We have to rescue Illinois from broad decline and narrow self-interests.

    Among some Illinoisans, Rauner’s self-made wealth stirs suspicions and resentments. Among others it attests to his liberation from having to please anyone but voters: He would be a man with nothing to lose, accepting a job he does not need. Worst case, he someday returns to the private sector having tried to influence the cause that for many years has animated his public life: improving public education, especially for children trapped in dead-end schools.

    Even Rauner’s harshest critics don’t doubt his willingness to lower state government’s vast overhead and raise efficiency hence the frantic endorsements and TV ad spending by public employees unions to keep Rauner off the November ballot. They know that, if Republicans nominate him, he might win the governorship and reduce state spending…

    …We do appreciate comity. But we think Rauner would have a much easier time wielding a veto pen. A much easier time saying No to legislative leaders.

    Of the four Republicans, Rauner best communicates to citizens the indelible fact that Illinois is broken. If nominated now, in November he would force voters to choose a future for this state:

    If that future resembles the failed past, it will feature lawmakers of both parties battling openly over proposed marginal changes to the derelict status quo.

    If that future takes this state in a new direction, it will embrace changes wrought by governors of neighboring states with balanced budgets, healthy pension funds and lower unemployment.

    The best solution for all that now cripples Illinois would be a jobless rate of 6 percent or less, with more workers bringing home paychecks and contributing tax revenues.

    Of the Republicans running for governor, Rauner is the change agent who could best begin to rescue Illinois.”


    1. Stephen, you seem to have a deep interest in politics and society as a whole. So although we have differences in point of view at times your contributions here are appreciated. The root cause of virtually all of the problems you list is the current debt-based monetary system and artificial scarcity it creates in the money supply. Here is a rather lengthy article on monetary reform as an alternative to this system.

      The End Of Poverty.

      Let us ponder what would happen if everyone had a basic income guarantee to pay for the essentials in life such as food, clothing, and shelter. You can’t have overcrowded prisons without thieves, drug dealers, prostitutes, and other poverty-related criminals. You can’t fight endless wars without military people who are desperate for a paycheck. You can’t argue for selling off the commons or public utilities to private interests without a debt or other ‘money problem’.

      The End Of Corruption.

      Accountability for politicians or public officials has always been a problem, precisely because individuals like Bruce Rauner can flip-flop and change their support for issues such as the minimum wage without any consequences. The solution is to put public officials under written contract to stand by and support their campaign promises or face being removed from office.

      Contract (n) – An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.

      “I, (public official), agree to abide by my statements listed here or be subject to immediate termination waiving any right to court proceedings or appeal.”

      When talking to your prospective public officials be sure to ask if they support monetary reform as described here, and have them put their statements in writing, with signature.

    2. Mike you apparently don’t realize the extent that government policy is involved in your life. When we subsidize oil companies, give tax breaks to hedge fund managers, and privatize our wars with mercenaries it affects all of us. We now have a system of crony capitalism in America. The Halliburton loop hole that exempts gas fracking industry from clean water and clear air acts in just one example. Did you know that 60% of Americans share only 2.3% of the wealth. This is unhealthy for our democracy. Our “economic recovery” hasn’t trickled down to the masses because 95% of the new income has gone to the top 1% of earners. Even the Pope has spoken about the dangers of this growing inequality of wealth. Workers are no longer sharing in the benefits of their increased productivity. Privatization of our military has been a disaster. Now the Pentagon no longer needs public support for our elective wars of choice. If there was a draft we never would have invaded Iraq. Now we have sterile wars and the realities of it are hidden from the public. Did you see the helicopter footage of the 12 people shot on a street corner in Iraq? 2 were journalists and at least 2 children were also blown away. The Pentagon doesn’t want the public to know about this stuff. Remember how Rumsfeld said, “That our bombing of Iraq was in the most human way possible.” That is laughable. Scott Walker and Rick Synder selling off the commons to private investors is not in the taxpayer’s best interests. Private for profit prisons,schools, and the military are terrible ideas that need to be rejected and reversed.

    3. At least unions represent many people, not just one rich guy. I don’t like the idea that only millionaires should be in the the U.S. Senate and the House for that matter. I wouldn’t vote for a sociopath with 8 mansions who wishes to become President or Governor. Mitt showed his contempt for the average guy and now Rauner appears to be cut from the same cloth. They claim they can “fix” government. The corportist have already corrupted our tax and trade policies. This is why we are in the mess we are in. Republicans have also taken over the judiciary on many levels. Now we have unelected corrupt life time term judges on the Supreme Court legislating from the bench for their corporate patrons. Madison never envisioned the Supreme Court to take on that policy making role. I don’t have anything against the wealthy who are philanthropic. However, they shouldn’t buy elections or politicians to affect government policy to enrich themselves further. When the Koch brothers buy scientists to lie about global warming so they can continue push our carbon based energy policies, that disgusts me.

    4. As usual, liberals like Mr. Reid don’t like to let the truth get in the way of things. Scott Walker privatized some services because of the 3x normal cost being paid for those services by state govt. What has happened to states like Wisconsin and Michigan after electing Republican governors? They are no longer broke from years of crony liberalism, that’s what happened. YOU Mr. Reid, with your liberal-socialist views that despises capitalism and an individuals success while believing that government should be more involved with our lives are the reason the state of Illinois and our great country is in the shape it is in.

    5. Illinois is in financial trouble for a number of complicated reasons. No denying that both political parties in Springfield have failed in their governance.. A good part of our financial problems is because of our unwise national tax and trade policies. This has impacted the old “Rust Belt” states like Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. As 60,000 U.S. factories have closed in the last decade, we have lost millions of good paying jobs.There are two good reasons to reject a vulture capitalist like Bruce Rauner. Who believes that being successful in business automatically qualifies someone to lead in the public sector? It is a different venture altogether. The only goal of the CEO is to make profits for the corporation. If the CEO doesn’t do that he is liable, regardless of the damage done to society and the workers. If private corporations can shift externalities to the taxpayer, all the better. If they can corrupt public policy with their campaign cash, it is just a cost of doing business. If they kill consumers with dangerous products like the pharmaceuticals industry does and they make profits, they write off any civil claims from the survivors. Rauner is an elitist like Mitt Romney who has no idea or concern for the challenges that the majority of Americans face. Rauner said that he would be in favor of lowering the minimum wage. He quickly stepped back that comment but it gives one a good idea of his mindset. What has happened in other states like Wisconsin and Michigan when they elected their Republican governors? They privatized services, gave away the commons to private interests, and gave tax breaks to corporations. This is one reason that the concentration of wealth has gone to the few in America. Thanks to the Robert’s Court the oligarchs like the Koch brothers are now able to buy politicians with their vast resources. It is a good business investment. That is why they have funded Rich Snyder and Scott Walker in Michigan and Wisconsin. Republican governors in states like Ohio and Florida have also attacked the right to vote, women’s rights, and labor rights . How unamerican is that? I would hate to see Illinois join the old slave states in their misguided agenda. I think people in Illinois are smarter and better than that. Reject these corporate raiders and wealthy businessmen like Rauner and Joe Oberweiss that want to buy a political office. They don’t have good ideas for our state.

      • I know how much you hate to be bored with facts Stephen so I’ll gleefully share these with you. Did you know that seven of the Top Ten richest congressmen are Democrats? Here’s the list according to OpenSecrets.Org:

        Name Min. Net Worth Average Maximum Net Worth
        Darrell Issa (R-Calif) $330,380,031 $464,115,018 $597,850,005
        Mark Warner (D-Va) $96,221,316 $257,481,658 $418,742,000
        Jared Polis (D-Colo) $69,791,412 $197,945,705 $326,099,998
        John K. Delaney (D-Md) $65,151,162 $154,601,580 $244,051,998
        Michael McCaul (R-Texas)$102,547,780 $143,153,910 $183,760,040
        Scott Peters (D-Calif) $27,518,090 $112,467,040 $197,415,991
        Rich Blumenthal (D-Conn) $86,307,329 $103,803,192 $121,299,056
        Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $63,269,025 $101,290,514 $139,312,004
        Vernon Buchanan (R-Fla) $58,149,853 $88,802,066 $235,753,986
        Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) $1,046,071 $87,997,030 $174,947,989

        And then let’s talk about those evil corporations and their campaign contributions in Illinois. According to here’s the list of Top 20 donors to Illinois campaigns. Can you count how many corporations have made how much in contributions in 2014? Now how many and how much have the public sector unions contributed.

        Top Illinois Campaign Contributors

        Donor City Total donated (2014)
        1. Bruce Rauner Winnetka $3,811,600
        2. Richard Uihlein Pleasant Prairie WI $1,500,000
        3. AFSCME Illinois Political Account (dues) $800,000
        4. SEIU Illinois Council Chicago $542,774
        5. Illinois PAC for Education (IPACE $500,000
        6. SEIU IL Council (Dues) Chicago $500,000
        7. AFSCME Council 31 PAC Springfield $500,000
        8. Jane Harris Chicago $400,000
        9. Shelly Harris Chicago $400,000
        10. Workers’ Interest Network $350,000
        11. Prosperity and Jobs Fund $301,625
        12. Illinois Education Association $297,450
        13. Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE $296,000
        14. Local No.150 – I. U. O. E. Local Area PAC $250,000
        15. American Federation of Teachers Committee on Political Education $250,000
        16. Kenneth Griffin Chicago $250,000
        17. Chicago Teachers Union PAC (Illinois Federation of Teachers) $232,296
        18. Democratic Governors Association $230,000
        19. Senate Democratic Victory Fund Corp $208,562
        20. International Union of Operating Engineers, Countryside Local No. 150 $191,887

        Spin all you want. We are clearly in a bipartisan mess. The facts support that unequivocally.