Governor’s Budget Address – Ideas & Numbers Don’t Add Up


budgetillinoiscomToday the Governor delivered his annual Budget Address, calling to make the so called “temporary” tax increase permanent and grabbing more than $38 billion from the pockets of hard-working families and small businesses. This no-longer-temporary income tax hike has already triggered employers and families to leave Illinois for greener pastures at alarming rates. Nearly 278,000 Illinoisans left the state in 2012, placing Illinois second highest in the nation for outward migration.”

In 2011 when Democrats passed the 67% tax hike, Illinois had an $8.5 billion backlog of unpaid bills despite an extra $31 billion. But today, Illinois still has $7 billion in unpaid bills and is $127 billion in debt. In the past three days, legislative Democrats have proposed three separate tax hike schemes. After calling for more taxes today, the Governor outlined more and more spending plans. Unfortunately, his numbers don’t add up.

I am also disappointed in what we did not hear today. Illinois is predicted to be dead last for new job creation in 2014 and Quinn failed to deliver his plan for growing our economy. Our top priority must be improving Illinois’ business climate and creating jobs, but since Quinn took office, Illinois’ unemployment rate has risen from 8.0% to 8.7%, leaving 570,000 individuals out of work. If Illinois fails to provide comprehensive tax relief, businesses will begin looking to cross state lines for cheaper costs, bringing their jobs and revenue with them.

If you would like to see the Governor’s budget briefing, you can review it online here.

As the 2014 legislative session continues feel free to e-mail me at or contact my office at (815) 547-3436 with any questions or concerns. Thank you for the honor of serving you in the Illinois House of Representatives.


Joe Sosnowski
State Representative
69th District

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