Mary Lincoln and the Spiritualists


Mary_Todd_LincolnDuring Women’s History month, the DeKalb Public Library will touch on an aspect of Mary Lincoln that few have seen. After the death of her son Willie, Mary Lincoln held séances in the White House to try to contact him and other deceased relatives. Why did Mary, and many other bereaved families, believe in the spiritualist movement? What happened at these séances? Did Abraham Lincoln ever attend one? Find the answers and more through a compelling presentation by historian Valerie Gugala this Tuesday evening, March 25th, 2014 from 7 – 9pm.

Join them in near the fireplace on the main level to enjoy this presentation. There is no registration necessary. For more information to this free event, please contact Edith Craig, 815-756-9568 ext. 260. The DeKalb Public Library is located at 309 Oak Street in DeKalb.

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