Spring into Dance for Summer!!!!!!





Beth Fowler School of Dance is now accepting open registration of Summer Dance Camps.  There is a significant discount on paid registrations before June 1st.  The 60 hour camps for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers will have a savings of 160.00.  So why not Spring into Dance and register now for summer.  Dancers who wish to progress quickly or even are trying to catch up and focus on technique will find that summer dance camp in its intensive format will help considerably.  The dancers attend based on levels but all attend Monday – Friday for 2 weeks straight (Beginning- Advanced levels) or 1 week (Creative Dance Levels).  All areas of dance are studied the Beginning workshops are for 30 hours the Intermediate and Advanced workshops are for 60 hours.

Summer Schedules and fees appear under the Summer Dance page of this website.  Hope to see everyone very soon!!!!!

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