Dipping Our Toe Into Pinterest Projects: Empty Laundry Bottles


Okay, moment of truth. We’re not crafty people over here, so much of what we see on Pinterest just doesn’t compute. But, we recently came across some fun ideas around this idea of upcycling, or taking waste materials or useless products and turning them into something that once again demonstrates purpose.

Today, let’s start small by looking at those empty bottles of laundry detergent. Here are five things we bet you haven’t thought of doing with them:


1. Water Away
Almost any size bottle can be made into a gentle sprinkler for watering plants. Use an ice pick, awl or small drill to punch holes in the lid. Fill the bottle with water, tighten the cap and water away. A few words of advice: be sure to rinse the bottle thoroughly before use, and don’t use old bleach bottles for this project. Your plants will thank you.

2. Sun’s Out, Guns Out
Don’t belong to a gym or just need a little extra arm curl action? Save two identical bottles – could be laundry detergent, fabric softener or bleach bottles – and fill them up with water or sand to use them as weight in strength training. Don’t forget to exhale…


3. Bubble Refilling Station
Here’s one that will be especially fun for the kids: a bubble refilling station. This one works perfectly for the laundry detergent containers intended to slide into the cabinet above your washing machine, as they come with easy-to-use dispensers that can direct your bubble solution into a bottle. For your homemade solution, Martha Stewart recommends stirring together 10 cups of water, 4 cups of dishwashing soap and 1 cup of corn syrup.

4. Weigh it Down
Empty bottles filled with sand or water can be used to weigh down any number of things: a tarp, portable sports equipment like a pitching net or basketball hoop. During the winter months, you can also keep a couple of bottles filled with sand or rock salt for weight AND assistance with deicing your vehicle.


5. In the Garage
Upright standing detergent bottles with handles can be cut down and used for separating and holding nails, screws and other small pieces. Label the outside for quick reference.

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