Storage Auctions Saturday


DeKalb County Self Storage will again be hosting their Storage Auctions this Saturday, May 17th, 2014. DeKalb County Self Storage has five different locations in DeKalb, Sycamore, Cortland and Malta, Illinois and each will have an auction on Saturday, times for each are listed below.

DeKalb County Self Storage requests that customers avoid trying to access your unit(s) that day, due to the likely congestion. You will not be allowed access during the auction time. As you may know, these auctions are the final step in a long process through which they have tried to collect past due rent from some of their delinquent tenants. They undertake auction of a customer’s stored goods only as a last resort, and then only in scrupulous compliance with the self-service storage statute enacted by the Illinois Legislature.

If you are interested in attending the auctions, you are most welcome. DeKalb County Self Storage appreciates you understanding the necessity to purge the facilities of these non-paying tenants. Please visit DeKalb County Self Storage online now to learn more!

Don’t Miss Out!  Saturday, May 17th, 2014, when storage facilities will again be the sites of public auctions!!

7:00 AM @ 214 Harvestore Drive, DeKalb
8:00 AM @ 202 Harvestore Drive, DeKalb
12:30 PM @ 190 W Stephanie Drive, Cortland
2:00 PM @ 2185 Gateway Drive, Sycamore
3:00 PM @ W Highway 38, Malta