Local Community Garden Group Building Gardens for Wheelchair Patients


DeKalb County Community Gardens, a local non-profit organization, installed a handicapped accessible garden for the residents of Pine Acres Rehabilitation Center.

gardenpineacresDeKalb County Community Gardens has raised and donated several tons of food over the first two years, to food pantries, senior living facilities, and child care centers. DCCG works to strengthen access to fresh sustainably grown food. Part of this work involves installing gardens that are on legs, and accessible from a sitting position. This allows individuals who are unable to get down to the ground level, to enjoy gardening.

The beds work for those who need to garden from a wheelchair or just from sitting on a regular chair. The goal is to make gardening available to anyone who wants to participate.

“The residents love our new garden.” siad Kay Coover, Activity Director of Pine Acres Rehabilitation Center of DeKalb.

The Community Garden group has gardens all around the county, in 40 different locations. The locations include the Adult Day Center in DeKalb, Taylor Street apartments, elementary schools, churches, businesses, and many other locations. The group also installs gardens in back yards for people to garden from their own homes.

“Our goal is to increase access to fresh locally grown food using sustainable methods.” said Dan Kenney, founder, president, and executive director of DeKalb County Community Gardens. “DCCG wants to close the meal gap, and end food insecurity in DeKalb County by providing the support people may need to grow their own food.”

The project is an innovative approach the the issue of food insecurity. According to Feeding America, 13% of DeKalb County adult residents and 19% of the children are considered food insecure. The DCCG organization is working with over 70 partners and sponsors to address the issue of food insecurity in the County.

“No one should go with out fresh vegetables in the summer in DeKalb County.” Kenney added.

The residents of Pine Acres helped plant vegetable, herbs, and flowers in their garden. One woman who helped in the gardening had owned a floral shop for over 40 years. The experience of helping to plant the garden was a great way for her to connect with her previous life before entering the rehabilitation center.

It is a great experience for the residents physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

If you would like more information about the DeKalb County Community Gardens or about the handicapped accesssible beds visit www.dekalbgardens.org or email Dan Kenney at dkenney53@hotmail.com, or call 815-793-0950

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