Anxiety Can Root From the Obsession With Technology


Are you so connected to your technology that it’s either causing anxiety or causing your anxiety to increase? For some, even the thought of not having a cellphone, tablet or computer nearby can trigger anxiety or feelings of paranoia.


A few signs that you might be obsessed with your connected technology are:
• Constantly checking phone for instant messages and status updates.
• Repeatedly checking email at very short intervals.
• Feeling anxious when you don’t have your cellphone or computer access nearby, even if you’re away for only a short time (minutes to an hour).
• Having difficulty sleeping because you’re concerned you’ll miss something.

In addition to worrying about “checking in”, an ever-increasing related source of anxiety comes from reading negative things about others, or yourself, which can trigger unwanted stress, anxiety, depression, and possibly lead to unsafe behaviors.

How to Manage Your Obsession with Technology
It’s crucial to allow yourself space from your cellphone, tablet or computer if you feel they’re taking time away from your personal positivity. It is also important to recognize how often you allow social media to impact you in negative ways. A quick swipe of the phone can lead you to a photograph that can bring back unexpected memories or a tweet with a negative message. By limiting time spent on those outlets, you will begin to recognize the amount of time you need to spend on them and the amount of time you don’t.

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