DeKalb Police Issue Community Alert


The DeKalb Police Department recently received the following information: A group of subjects were overheard while in a public place talking about committing street robberies in the area of Hillcrest and Annie Glidden Road which is located in the Northwest portion of the city. Although the information is very limited, the DeKalb Police Department is notifying the community so that area residents can take added precautions.

We strongly encourage area residents to walk in well-lit areas, walk in groups, carry a phone, and be observant of their surroundings. Past history has shown ruses used by suspects who are on foot requesting the use of a phone or other item in the victim’s possession prior to committing a robbery. Please be aware of this, and use caution if approached by unknown person(s). We are working with the Northern Illinois University Police Department to maximize our resources in that area.

Additionally, both departments have increased area squad and foot patrols. Please contact the DeKalb Police Department with any observed suspicious activity in the area.


  1. The alert really? ? Whats new been that way for years? Go on that side of town on a weekend old dude amd see if ya get JACKED. .the police should do the job they are paid for not post to be alert when its been that way for over 10yrs rob cornell thats how old Iam I know the town and ran the streets as a kid..Just like amber manor was the worst spot over there for years before the cops did anything about all the drugs and gangs ran the whole complex. …!!

  2. Anyway….big thanks to the City and County for spreading the word in order to keep the community aware. An excellent example of proactive policing that will hopefully keep residents and students safe, and help prevent someone from being victimized. Thank-you!

  3. Yes who owns it is not the issue the issue is how They ran the warning to stay out of that area or be aware of whos around you! !! How about do some real ploice work then and find the ones doing the crimes and not posting about crimes that have not happend! !!

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