Oncken responds to Cvek’s press release

Riley Oncken (R) DeKalb County Board Dist 3
Riley Oncken (R) DeKalb County Board Dist 3
Riley Oncken (R) DeKalb County Board Dist 3

Below is my written statement in response to the press release by Mr. Cvek.

I first became aware of the 2010 informal attorney general’s opinion yesterday evening before the county board meeting.  I received the opinion from another board member who had received it from Mr. Cvek.  Mr. Cvek did not actually provide the opinion directly to either Mr. Schmack or myself for our review, although he received it one week ago.  Today, I asked the State’s Attorney’s Office to review the opinion and to issue a formal, official opinion, since the attorney general’s opinion letter was to the Tazwell County State’s Attorney in 2010 and “is not an official opinion of the Attorney General.”  I will also be speaking to private counsel and conducting my own independent analysis of the issue raised by Mr. Cvek while I wait for the opinion from the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Regardless of whether or not the State’s Attorney’s Office determines that an actual, legal conflict of interest exists, I will be evaluating whether there is enough of a potential or perceived conflict to necessitate my resignation from the County Board.


Riley N. Oncken

County Board District 3

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