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September 2014

jeff-metzgerSubmitted by Jeff Metzger — Chairman, DeKalb County Board


Two new County Board Members were approved and seated at our August County Board Meeting. Replacing Julia Fullerton for District 8 is Diane Leifheit, and replacing Derek Tyson for District 5 is Sandra Polanco. Both new members are from the city of DeKalb. Ms. Leifheit will sit on the Finance and Law and Justice Committee’s. Ms. Polanco will sit on the Health and Human Services and Law and Justice Committee’s. Both of the new Board Members will be up for election in November 2014.


Have you ever seen signs next a roadway and wondered what some of them mean? Since becoming Chairman, I have been signing off on a document that I thought you should know about. The program is called Adopt-A-Highway. Yes, this is one of those signs some of you see and may not understand. In September of 1992, the State of Illinois signed into law the Adopt-A-Highway Act. This act allows local governmental agencies to enter into agreements with volunteer groups to adopt a section of highways, for the purpose of picking up litter. During February 1994, the DeKalb County Board entered the program, authorizing the DeKalb County Highway Department to implement the program on behalf of the County.

DeKalb County currently has 26 organizations involved in the program consisting of private individuals, nonprofit organizations, civic clubs, churches, banking institutions, local business and school organizations. The basic requirements of this program are for a group to commit to picking up litter along a two mile stretch of County highway four times a year. The County disposes of the trash collected, and provides participants with safety vests, gloves, trash bags and marker flags for items too big to be removed by the group. A sign is placed in the right-of-way indicating the name of the group adopting the section of road, as well as containing a warning sign to motorists when a litter pick-up is in progress.

Complete information can be found on the County’s website at under the Highway Department. Interested persons can contact the Highway Department and speak with Wayne Davey at 815-756-9513.

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