Public Invited to Tree Planting Day


DSC06529[1]The DeKalb County Community Gardens (DCCG) is seeking volunteers to help with planting fruit and nut trees, as well as raspberry bushes, and other perennials. The planting day is scheduled for this Saturday September 13th, 2014, from 9am to noon. The event is open to all. The planting will take place on the DeKalb County Government Outreach Campus located at 2525 North Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb.

The trees will be part of the first community orchard for DeKalb County. The orchard will be open to the community and enable those of need to have access to fresh fruit and berries, as well as nuts, to go along with the vegetables DCCG is supplying. The trees were purchased from the local nursery, St. Aubins of Kirkland, and were paid for with a grant from the DeKalb County Community Foundation Youth Entrepreneur Partnership. Youth from DeKalb High School Eco-Buds, as well as others in the area will be participating in the planting day.

The creation of a Community Orchard is another project of the DeKalb County Community Gardens organization. Founded in 2012, the organization has produced several tons of fresh, locally grown, vegetables for people in need. Nearly all of the food raised by DCCG is donated to local food pantries, community meal sites, Voluntary Action Center, and else where. The volunteer non-profit organization is an innovative project to increase food security within the County, with access to healthy food.

“Studies have shown that the dramatic rise in diabetes, heart disease, and cancers can be linked to the American diet.” said Dan Kenney, founder, president, and executive director of DeKalb County Community Gardens. “It is the goal of DCCG to provide residents of DeKalb County with fresh grown vegetables that rich with nutrition unlike the highly processed canned and boxed foods usually available to those of limited incomes. DCCG also wants to close the food gap so that all of DeKalb County residents can know food security.”

DCCG also works with many partners in the County. DCCG has had over 70 partnerships and sponsors in its short three growing seasons, DCCG works with businesses, school districts, municipalities, churches, health organizations, nursing homes, and senior living facilities. DCCG gardens provide a means to help in the areas of education, health, economy, environment, and community development.

Everyone is welcome to come out and be part to help plant trees and be part of leaving a legacy. Community helping community, making a sustainable difference for all. If you have questions contact Dan Kenney, at

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