Special Prosecutor Assigned to Investigate Douglas Johnson’s Campaign Activity at Senior Health Fair


    Johnson violationA special prosecutor has been assigned to investigate a complaint alleging that Douglas Johnson, the DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder, and an employee of his office, Elections Coordinator Lynne Kunde, engaged in prohibited campaign activities while on county time. The complaint stated that Johnson and Kunde were vendors at the Senior Health Fair held July 17, 2014, at DeKalb Senior High School. More than 80 vendors participated in the event, including the DeKalb County Clerk’s office. DeKalb County Clerk Johnson and his employee, Kunde, were observed and photographed handing out Johnson’s election materials. The complaint was originally filed with the DeKalb County State’s Attorney. Following a law enforcement investigation, the matter was referred to the special prosecutor. The special prosecutor assigned to the case is Chuck Colburn of the State Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.

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