My Advice on the Advisory Questions


advisoriesAdvisory referendums beg my advice. Heck, even you get to give your advice to Governor Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly this election as long as you vote on or before Tuesday, Nov. 4.  We have three statewide advisory questions full of Madiganisms to pontificate on.

Now don’t start calling me biased. I’m not. I’m angry with the Puppet Master and every other crony that played a part in denying more than a half a million registered voters who demanded that the question of term limits be on this ballot.


If you are earning minimum wage I’m talking to you. Ask what it takes to get a raise where you work and whatever it is do that. Repeat often and you’ll make a lot more money than you are now.  If you’re doing those things and don’t get a raise within a reasonable amount of time, DO NOT QUIT unless you have found another job. Call your boss out as a jerk  so s/he’ll fire you and you can draw unemployment at his/her expense until you find a job that rewards your efforts.

Minimum wage can’t be a living wage. Don’t fall for the BS. The key word is minimum.

Three words for those clamoring for the minimum wage hike while depending on volunteers for their project. Get a clue.

If you ask an artist or musician to lend their talents to your event for free don’t you dare demand an increase in the minimum wage.

Employers shouldn’t be discouraged from hiring those with no experience or encouraged to replace jobs with less expensive solutions.

I am voting NO.


I am not going to lose my faith in common sense. Mine tells me that this is a totally bogus question. Quick someone name an insurance company that would provide prescription drug coverage that would not include prescription birth control. Compare the costs of pregnancy and birth to a prescription.

Times up. Voting NO.

Rants and Raves of Mac McIntyre
Rants and Raves of Mac McIntyre


Oh hell YES. And let me say I would be proud to pay an additional 3% in state taxes each and every year I made more than $1 million. If the income was guaranteed I’d probably even build a high end new construction home in DeKalb because I could afford those taxes too.


Genoa Township voters get to vote on an anti-corruption advisory question. Good for the township electors that put this on the ballot. Township electors should talk to their Township Supervisor about the powers granted to them by the state statutes. There is much power for reform as a township elector. Genoa Township electors? You rock!

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