Indian Valley Theatre holds Auditions Sunday and Monday

IVT at Sandwich Opera House

Indian Valley Theatre and director Matt Johnson are holding auditions for it’s upcoming dinner theatre production of LIE, CHEAT and GENUFLECT by Billy Van Zandt, Jane Milmore. The auditions will be held this Sunday and Monday, November 2nd and 3rd, 2014.

itv-at-sandwich-opera-house-300x171[1]The Buckle brothers, Billy and Tom, are in big trouble: Tom’s infallible eye for slow horses has drained away all of Billy’s savings and he has borrowed from loan shark Pizza Face Petrillo, who now wants his money back or else! Involve a stuffy young lawyer, a hard drinking, man hungry housekeeper and a trio of beautiful young women, and you have the recipe for a laugh packed farce of twists, turns, puns and pratfalls as Tom strives mightily to compensate for Billy’s “habitual” errors.

The director is looking for 4 males and 4 females (all over the age of 18) for the following roles:

Tom: Handsome, with a high opinion of himself. He’s a leader and desperate schemer, although his plans seldom go smoothly. A fast-talking, gambling man who treats his brother Billy as his stooge.

Billy: Tom’s brother, always being abused in one manner or another. A romantic at heart. Not the smartest fish in the sea. A bit sarcastic but lovable.

Robert: New attorney on his first case. Anxious, superstitious, with a shady past. He’s willing to act unethically should one of the women be open to his advances.

Pizza Face: Stereotypical Brooklyn gangster. Quick to pull a gun but is intimidated by nuns and has a soft spot for orphans.

Virginia: Long-suffering, devoted, man hungry, alcoholic drunk maid.

Jane: Attractive, classy, likes adventure and has an air of mystery. Probably the only smart and sane person in the entire show.

Girl: Has a newborn “baby” with her. Sweet, wholesome, naïive, gullible, a bit of a ditz.

Miss Mackintosh: Pizza Face’s VERY sexy “Secretary”. She chews gum, mispronounces words and speaks with a high-pitch Brooklyn accent.

Auditions are on Sunday, November 2nd from 1-4pm and Monday, November 3rd from 7-9 pm. They will be held at the Sandwich Opera House at 140 E. Railroad St. in Sandwich, in the Community Room (side entrance).  Auditioners should be prepared to read cold from the script and no appointment or head shot is necessary. Performances are scheduled for Friday, February 20th thru Sunday February 22nd, 2015 at the Fox Valley Older Adults Center in Sandwich.

Indian Valley Theatre is an Illinois Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and development of the performing arts in the Fox Valley area. For more information and to support IVT please visit, visit their facebook page or send an e-mail to

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