Sycamore Park District Closes Community Center


action2020The community is embarking on an exciting new era of recreation programming in Sycamore. However, with change and growth afoot, one of the first actions the District must take to move forward with ACTION 2020 is to close the current Community Center, at 138 Fair Street, on June 30. The Park District knows that this will affect people in many different ways, but hope residents will understand that the best is yet to come. The District has rented the building since 2006. Since it was not built to be a community center, the space remains less than adequate for meeting the growing community’s recreational needs.

The closing will allow the rental and maintenance costs to be used in a more efficient manner, in line with the District’s long-range plans. Active memberships will be reimbursed and staff will do everything possible to ensure a successful transition to the new facility— Sycamore Park District’s first ever dedicated Community Center.

The Board of Commissioners and staff are grateful to their gracious landlords, the Puentes Family, and for all Community Center users throughout the years. Your patience and continued support is greatly appreciated—one door may be closing, but wait until you see what’s behind the next one!

The District hopes to open the new Community Center, across from the Sports Complex on Airport Road, in January 2019! In the interim, the staff is excited to announce that we have taken some steps to keep our “core” programming up and running. Amongst the steps we have taken are:

Some Programs Moving to South Prairie School
We will be able to accommodate our twelve most active and regular fitness programs at this site, and even add some new programs as time allows. We thank CUSD #427 for their cooperation on this.

Agreement on Residency with DeKalb Park District
The Sycamore Park District has worked with DeKalb Park District and passed a “joint resolution” allowing for Sycamore Park District residents to participate in DeKalb Park District programs at resident rates. This “reciprocal residency” will apply to the program areas of fitness, martial arts, early childhood and cultural arts. We believe this agreement is a fine example of inter-governmental cooperation.

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