Newly Appointed DeKalb City Clerk Resigns


cityofdekalblogoDeKalb City Clerk resigns Suzanne Pupino has resigned from her position as City Clerk.

Mayor John Rey said Pupino resigned to spend more time enjoying her retirement, and he is formulating an approach to fill the role.

“I appreciate Surespect her judgment of how she prefers spending her zanne’s willingness to step up to the challenge,” Rey said. “City staff members will perform the duties of Clerk until a person is appointed for the remainder of the term until the next local election in 2017.

“Suzanne entered the clerk role at a busy time of the year. In her first week on the job, we held three council meetings,” said Mayor John Rey.  “In addition to the regular council meeting of May 11th we held several meetings jointly with Finance Advisory Committee (FAC), reviewing the Fiscal Year 2016 budget.”

After beginning her duties as clerk, Pupino said she realized adjusting from a retired lifestyle into the part time Clerk position was something she did not enjoy.  “Once placed in the role of city clerk, I realized that I preferred not to devote the time required to do the job effectively,” Pupino told the Mayor. “The City staff conducted tutorials and provided support to ease the transition into the role, but I realize my passion is to continue serving the hospice clients whom I have grown to enjoy.”

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