KishHealth System Physical Therapist Incorporates New Techniques into Treatment


whatsyourbecausesPhysical Therapist Cindy Brandt, from KishHealth System Physical Therapy Center, Sandwich, completed an eight-hour, hands-on training course in August, titled “Eclectic Rehab.” This course included the use of Pilates, Yoga, Thai Yoga, and Tai Chi. The basic principles and philosophy of each discipline were taught to attendees. After this continuing education course, Cindy is now able to apply specific exercises and incorporate new techniques to fulfill patients’ needs. “I find participating in continuing education courses very useful to my practice as a physical therapist because it allows me to gain additional knowledge and new techniques; this topic of eclectic rehab is one in which I truly enjoy,” Brandt stated. “My major takeaway from this course was the principle of core stabilization to help promote stability, strength, and relaxation. New techniques of teaching patients core stabilization are vital to the success patients have in their recovery.”

KishHealth System Physical Therapy Center, Sandwich, is located at 1 East County Line Road with operating hours Monday through Friday, starting at 8 am. To schedule an appointment call 815.786.8550.
KishHealth System operates three additional physical therapy center locations in Genoa, Hampshire and Sycamore. For more information on any of the services of KishHealth System Physical Therapy Centers visit

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