Beierlotzer Thanks Community for Support



192943_115340181877516_7161317_o[1]Thank You

I wish to say thank you to all of those who honked their horn, waved, nodded, gave the thumbs up or shouted encouragement while I stood on the southeast corner of Lincoln Highway and North First Street each Friday for the last twelve years.

I held my sign and the American Flag each week to show my support of our military personnel regardless of where their duty assignment is or was.

My sign simply read Support THE USA AND OUR TROOPS. I have been standing on the corner most Friday nights from about 5:15pm to 6:00pm except when sick, on vacation or some other event occurred that I had to attend.

I continue to support our military and always will but for now I am going to stop standing on the corner but may return in the future.

Again thank all of you for your show of support.

Frank F. Beierlotzer


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