Sycamore Park District Action 2020 Plan Update


A successful referendum in November 2014 was a big step towards achieving the Critical Success Factors that drive the District’s long-range plan, ACTION 2020. With lots of projects on the horizon, the Sycamore Park District Board of Commissioners has consistently emphasized to citizens that not all of the funding will be supported by their tax dollars. Funds will be drawn from grants and fundraising as well. To that end, Sycamore Park District has now…

  • Kicked of its “Leaf a Legacy” fundraising campaign, working closely with the DeKalb County Community Foundation. A $300,000 challenge grant has helped the District take a big step towards its $1 million goal.
  • Hired architectural and engineering firm, the Farnsworth Group of Peoria, Illinois who has extensive experience working with Illinois park districts of all sizes. They are now working on the design phase of the Campus Project which includes a community center, splashpad, sled hill and dog park.
  • Finalized grant applications for trails and Sports Complex projects.
  • Completed engineering work on the Sports Complex and one of the trail projects.

bfd74f43-dfec-49f6-92b0-6b4bf7f64ea7[1]Members of the Splashpad Committee discuss their vision with the Farnsworth Group’s Landscape Architect. Citizen committees focused on the community center, dog park and splashpad have been meeting over the last six months to study these types of facilities, conduct site visits at similar agencies and review budgets. The culmination of their hard work was presented as a recommendation to the Farnsworth Group in late October. The committees will continue to meet with the Farnsworth Group and the Sycamore Park District’s Board and staff to ensure the public voice is consistently represented throughout the planning and implementation of ACTION 2020.

The Park District remains very proud of ACTION 2020’s openness and transparency, the positive community responsiveness it has sparked and the exciting momentum that is beginning to build as plans move along! Visit the Sycamore Park District’s website to learn more about all they have going on!

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