Christmas Tree Disposal Information


christmastreedisposalWaste Management will provide recycling services for your Christmas trees throughout Sycamore, Genoa, DeKalb, Malta and Maple Park. Trucks will pick up trees on regular service days.

Because trees are more biodegradable than most junk that gets tossed, it doesn’t really matter whether you recycle or throw away the tree.

From December 25th until the first of January, if folks want to get rid of their tree, they can set them out and the garbage men will take them as trash. Beginning Monday, Jan. 4, Waste Management will run a truck specifically dedicated to collecting Christmas trees that will be taken to the landfill to be recycled into mulch. Trees need to be completely stripped of decorations and tinsel to be recycled.

Landscape waste containers also can be used for Christmas tree disposal. DeKalb has three containers for this purpose at the southeast corner of North Seventh and Oak Streets; at Fire Station No. 2 at 1154 S. Seventh St.; and the City Garden Plot by Fire Station No. 3, 950 W. Dresser Road, according to the city’s website.