DeKalb County State’s Attorney Race


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DeKalb County State’s Attorney Race

Richard Schmack
Richard Schmack (D)

Richard Schmack – incumbent, said in a prepared statement announcing his intention to run for reelection: “I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the people of DeKalb County, as their prosecuting attorney, for another four years. I am equally eager to go on serving the government of DeKalb County as it’s legal counsel in state and federal court. The chance to work for justice with my skilled and dedicated staff of career prosecutors, local law enforcement and victim advocacy groups, like Safe Passage and Court Watch, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Schmack has no opponent in the 2016 Primary.

Rick Amato
Rick Amato (R)

Rick Amato began his career as an assistant state’s attorney in the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office in 2003. He has been the managing partner of Sycamore based, Law Offices of Amato and Sheen, P.C. for the last ten years.

  • Focus the energies and attention of the office on prosecuting the most serious cases.
  • Stop the delays that result in cases remaining unresolved for years.
  • Serving the needs of the victims of crimes will be central.
  • Effectively team with local and regional law enforcement to promote a seamless prosecution of all criminal matters.


Charles Rea
Charles Rea (R)

Charles R. Rea will implement an extensive in-house training program that will be second to none. I will emphasize teamwork and a spirit of cooperation among all members of the office, attorneys and support staff, as well as between our office and the other offices, agencies, and individuals that work with the State’s Attorney’s Office in carrying out it’s mission; to serve you.

Along with the extensive, regular, in-house training, I will have specialized training and emphasis for individual assistants in the areas of:

* Domestic/Sexual Abuse * Narcotics Enforcement * Internet/Cyber Crimes * Elder Abuse * Gang Crimes * Juvenile Justice/Bullying

These areas of emphasis will be in addition to, but not at the expense of the every day enforcement of the Criminal Code and Juvenile Courts Act.


Clay Campbell
Clay Campbell (R)

Clay Campbell writes: Every single challenge we face as a community can be met by electing individuals to face these challenges head-on. Whether it is gun violence, public corruption, or this dastardly heroin epidemic, we can find solutions together. It begins at the voting booth. His priorities:

  • Make the funding of mental health treatment the highest priority to reduce criminal recidivism and prevent the prosecution of the mentally ill.
  • Establish a new drug task force to combat the heroin/opiate epidemic that is sweeping our nation.
  • Reinstitute a local child support enforcement unit to collect child support and prosecute deadbeat parents.
  • Utilize technology to decrease incarceration rates, monitor drug offenders and apprehend internet sexual predators and traffickers of child pornography.
  • Establish a public corruption hotline to allow private citizens to anonymously report corruption.
  • Create a cold case unit to review all unsolved murders.
  • Implement a process to allow citizens, particularly young offenders, to clean up their records to prevent unnecessary impediments to employment.



  1. out of those 4 guys, there is only one man that will be the best man to vote for , and that man is Chuck Rea. He is a man that truly cares about the people and he has worked in many fields of the system. He is and will be the best states attorney for all of us. so just remember to vote for a grate man,and the one that is right for the job! CHUCK REA .!!

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